January 26, 2023


Still car-crazy after all these years

The GMC was another Chevelle to wear the Super Shaker name.

The GMC was another Chevelle to wear the Super Shaker name.

Yet another variation on the Super Shaker name

The Super Shaker as it appeared at the Detroit Autorama in 1967. How many drag cars raced under the Super Shaker name?
1966 Chevelle Super Shaker
Super Shaker Chevelle coming right at ya at the 1967 Autorama Tom Bonner photo (Instamatic 126)

Continuing my series on the ’67 Detroit Autorama, this is the Super Shaker. Or should I say yet another car called Super Shaker. I already featured T.W. McLean’s Super Shaker at Detroit Dragway. This car appears quite similar to the McLean car, but I don’t think there is any connection.

Like McLean’s Super Shaker, this Chevelle has a straight axle, and it appears the front wheels were altered by moving the front wheels forward under the fenders, without altering the location of the wheelwells.

Although it could possibly have run in the heavy-weight funny car classes, I’m guessing this might be some form of gasser, or because of the altered wheelbase it may have wound up in one of the altered classes.

Power was apparently a Chevy 427 rat motor. In those days, Chevy’s big block engine was known as the Semi-Hemi.

There does not appear to be an engine in the car. I think they displayed the Chevelle at the show, but the engine wasn’t installed. Because of that low-profile hood scoop, I doubt the car ran a supercharger or injectors.

The letters on the car read GMC, which I assume refers to the owner’s initials. Maybe there were three owners and they used the first letter of each owner’s name. That is just a guess, but this Chevelle didn’t have anything to do with GMC trucks.

GMC Racing Team Super Shaker Chevelle
Notice the front wheels have been moved forward under the front fenders. This Shaker is ready to run. Tom Bonner photo (Instamatic 126)

I really like the metal plates that replace the headlights. They give the Chevelle a mean, hungry look. Anyone remember this particular Super Shaker?

Tom Bonner