January 26, 2023


Still car-crazy after all these years

Pyscho Chevelle

Pyscho Chevelle

The Dennett Brothers B/G Chevelle Psycho

The Dennett Brothers took a different approach to the Gas Coupe class, choosing a modern Chevelle over the more common Willys and Anglia body shells.
Psycho Chevelle
Another B/G entry at the 1968 Autorama was the Dennett Brothers and their modern 1965 Chevelle gasser.

Another gasser at the 1968 Detroit Autorama was this sanitary 1965 Chevelle.

Although I preferred the traditional Willys and Anglia gassers, there is no denying the Dennett Brothers B/G Chevelle was a head turner. Built from a 1965 Chevelle, the Psycho was powered by a fuel injected, 440 CI rat motor.

According to Draglist, the Westland, Michigan based Chevelle achieved a best of 10.19 at 135mph, which was hauling for a B/Gas coupe in the late ’60s. I wonder if the Dennett Brothers ever faced off with the Buckpasser Willys that I talked about a few weeks ago. The Buckpasser also ran B/G, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Dennett gang tangled with the Ohio based Buckpasser at some point.

It appears that the brothers took turns driving the Psycho, as Dennett Brothers is painted on the doors where the driver’s name usually appears.

The team eventually moved on to fuel funny cars, fielding a slippery blown Corvette, also known as Psycho. Ken Dennett was the principle driver for the funny car.


Front 3/4 view of the Psycho 1965 Chevelle
Front 3/4 view shows 1965 Chevelle grille with inner headlights removed and tall ram tube injectors stabbing through the hood.


Tom Bonner