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Cover: Quarter-Mile Mustangs by Doug Boyce

Review: Quarter-Mile Mustangs

Review: Quarter-Mile Mustangs

Book Name: Quarter-Mile Mustangs: The History of Ford’s Pony Car at the Drag Strip
Publisher: CarTech Autobooks and Manuals
ISBN: 978-1-61325-598-8
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144
Year first published: 2022
Author: Doug Boyce

Doug Boyce is at it again. Quarter Mile Mustangs, Boyce’s latest book, recently arrived at my doorstep. The 144-page volume, published by CarTech Books, tracks the evolution of the Ford Mustang and its drag racing exploits.

While the Mustang has shone in many forms of racing, it is probably most at home on the dragstrip. Boyce’s book is evidence of that, as it shows off a plethora of successful ‘Stangs competing in Stock, Super-Stock, Pro Stock, Gasser, A/FX, and Funny Car.

There are too many famous racers associated with Ford’s Pony Car to list here. The book features Gas Ronda, Tommy Grove, Bob Glidden, Micky Thompson, Connie Kalitta, and Shirley Muldowney. Dozens of other Mustang hot shoes also receive capsule biographies.

All Mustang Variants are Characterized

Boyce delves into all phases of early Mustang culture, from concept machines to bone-stock entries to full-tilt fiberglass reproductions. Notchback, Fastback, or Convertible, if a Mustang made its mark on the track, you’ll probably find it here.

No matter how sparkling the text, a book such as this cries out for photos. Thankfully Boyce and CarTech have unearthed a treasure trove of Mustangs in action. Numerous images illustrate every page, most taken by premiere drag racing photographers.

There is a good balance of both color and monochrome images. Paging through the book, any Mustang lover will be excited by the imagery.

1964 through 1978 Mustangs, You’ll Find ’em Here

Following the pattern of Boyce’s earlier books, Quarter-Mile Mustangs is divided into sections based on model year. There is an excellent section tracing the development of the long-nose A/FX Mustangs in 1966.

The book explores the gasser transformation from Willys to Mustang in 1967, along with Micky Thompson’s near domination of the fuel Funny Car ranks in 1969.

All the powerplants are represented, from the high-revving 289 to the monstrous 427 CI SOHC. You’ll also find detailed discussions about the Cobra Jet, the 427 wedge-head, and the Boss 429.

Wacky Racers Too

Several famous Mustang funny cars were wacky racers with non-Ford engines between the frame rails. Whether or not you approve of these re-engined floppers, you’ll find numerous examples of these in the book. You can even catch a glimpse of the Turbo-Stang with its Turbonique rocket engine attached to the rear axle.

Craving something a little more exotic? How about a photo of Tex Collins in the Mr. Cal Automotive Mustang propelled by an Allison aircraft engine. At the other end of the scale, look for Ron Vansteenis’s six-cylinder L/Stocker.

Ford fans and Mustang lovers will undoubtedly love this book. It has Mustang fanatic written all over it.


Available from Car Tech Books

Quarter-Mile Mustangs: The History of Ford’s Pony Car at the Drag Strip can be ordered from CarTech Books at 800-551-4754, or purchased through the website at www.cartechbooks.com.



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