November 15, 2021


Still car-crazy after all these years

Chrome Detail: Ohio George Montgomery Willys Coupe

Fenders, axle and headers detail of Willys Gasser

Montgomery went in for lots of chrome, as evidenced by this close up of the front wheel area. The front axle, leaf springs and shackles are chromed, as are the headers. Even the front shocks are chrome-plated.

It is difficult to see in this photo, but the front axle was drilled to reduce weight, a common practice in sixties-era gassers,

If you look closely at the headers, the individual pipes are connected by a smaller piece of tubing. I assume this is some sort of brace welded to the header tubes. On the other hand, header manufacturers were experimenting with all manner of ways to increase scavenging in the sixties. Could the small tube actually distribute gas between the header tubing?

You will notice the front wheel is polished, not chromed. My guess is that the wheels are light-weight magnesium. Magnesium wheels were popular with racers during the era, hence the term “mag” wheels.

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