January 27, 2023


Still car-crazy after all these years

Caddy powered Altered at Autorama

Buick V-6 powered A/Altered at the 1966 Autorama

A/A Cadilliac V-8 Buick V-6

Today a V6 powered race car wouldn't be exceptional, but there weren't very many American V6s to choose from in 1966. I assume the engine is a Buick 3800 V6.
Buick V-6 powered A/Altered at the 1966 Autorama
Buick V-6 powered A/Altered at the 1966 Autorama


Wow. I got this one wrong…really wrong. Initially I thought this altered used a Buick V-6 because I could only make out three exhaust pipes on each side. Then reader Scott Trainor stepped up to let me know that Oldsmobile V-8s only had six exhaust ports and the engine in this car was an Olds V8. I was happy to stand corrected, until I discovered the June 1966 issue of Car Craft, which asserts the engine is actually a 391 cubic inch Cadillac. The car was known as “Quick Draw” and was campaigned by John Mujzik and Jim Medley. Well, at least I was partially right…it was a GM engine.

I almost left this photo on the cutting room floor. Not that there is anything wrong with the little altered, but the quality of the photo leaves a lot to be desired. Besides, when you’ve seen one small-block Chevy roadster, you’ve seen them all, right?

Then I counted the exhaust pipes on the engine. Three, not four. That indicates this car is relying on V-6 power, rather than a V-8. Today, that might not be all that exceptional, but there weren’t very many light weight, overhead valve American V-6s to choose from back in 1966. I think the mill must be a Buick 3800. Whatever, I had to publish this photo with it’s interesting powerplant.

I thought it might have been a show rod, but examining the photo more closely, there appears to be a NHRA competition sticker on the cowling, indicating this six banger ran in a NHRA National or Divisional meet somewhere.

I would like to be able to look at the induction system more closely. I can’t tell if there are fuel injection tubes, Stromberg carbs or dual four barrels.

Once again, I ask for help from readers. Anyone have any information on this little Buick powered piece?

Tom Bonner