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When Funny Cars had Names

Once, a catchy name was every bit as important to a funny car driver as a supercharger and nitro. A look back at some of the exciting names from yesteryear.

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Super Shaker Chevelle; Canadian Funny Car

The Super Shaker Chevelle is representative of early funny car technology. The front wheels are shifted forward, but the wheel wells are in the stock position.

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Firebrewed Dodge Funny Car: Detroit Dragway

Think funny cars on pump gas weren’t electrifying? Dick Smith and his injected Firebrewed Dodge A/FX will convince you otherwise.

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Bill Shirey “The Professor” funny car | Detroit Dragway

Despite the stock wheelbase, Bill Shirey’s Plymouth was a funny car with an injected Hemi under the hood and a drag chute on the rear bumper.

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Re-Entry Rear Engine Streamlined Dragster

The Re-Entry’s supercharged engine was housed behind the driver in a tightly fitting cowl that also enclosed the driver and the rear tires.

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Somethin Wild B/G dragster

Somethin Wild is a square back front engine rail, featuring an injected small-block Chevy for power. The car competed in the B/G ranks in the mid 1960s.

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Blown Chevy front-engine Dragster

There was a lot of competition in the NHRA gas dragster classes in 1966, so with out some indicator there is no way to know what was in this car’s fuel tank.

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Willys Gasser: The Caboose

I’ve always liked the old Willys Gassers, and the Caboose is typical of the breed. 1940s era Willys coupe, supercharged Chrysler Hemi, flip-open front clip, small front tires on a straight axle.

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The Prussian, Steffey and Rupp Top Fuel Dragster

Last time around, we looked at Maynard Rupp’s Chevoom Funny Car from 1966. Rupp was a busy guy in 1965, as he built the rear-engine funny car between stints of driving the feared Prussian Top Fuel dragster. The Prussian was also on display at the 1966 Autorama. In 1965 the car won the NHRA World […]

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Tom’s Nasty Torker: 1960 Ford Galaxie

Even back in 1965, I realized that Tom’s Nasty Torker (TNT, get it?) was a pretty radical race car. Not a funny car or anything like that, but definitely a little extreme.

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