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Rapid Ronnie Runyan Corvair Flip-Top Funny Car

Rapid Ronnie Ronyan brought his Blue Hell Corvair Funny Car to Detroit Dragway in 1969. Corvairs were quite popular as funny car body shells in the ’60s, due to their small and slippery shape. Ronyan first gained fame on the West Coast with his California-based Corvette, also known as Blue Hell. The Corvette was a […]

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Funny car showdown: Jerry Harvey against Wayne Gapp

In a battle of SOHC powered Fords, Wayne Gapp defeated Jerry Harvey at Detroit Dragway’s 1967 Midwest Championshps.

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Don Schumacher and the Stardust Charger Funny Car

Don Schumacher’s Stardust Charger funny car wasn’t a flip top. Instead it featured an extreme altered wheelbase with both the rear and front wheels moved radically forward.

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Gray Ghost GTO Funny Car: Extreme Altered Wheelbase

Larry Swiatek and the 1966 Gray Ghost GTO: an exercise in extreme funny car wheelbase modification. Swiatek brought his ultimate AWB match-bash A/FX car to Detroit Dragway for the 1967 Midwest Championships.

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Ced’s Muffler Bubble Top Nova Funny Car

Although there were a number of roadster funny cars in 1967, the Ced’s Muffler Nova set itself apart by enclosing the driver inside a bubble top canopy

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When Funny Cars had Names

Once, a catchy name was every bit as important to a funny car driver as a supercharger and nitro. A look back at some of the exciting names from yesteryear.

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Dick Jesse’s Mr. Unswitchable Pontiac GTO Funny Car

By 1967, most Pontiac funny cars had moved to Chevy or Chrysler engines to remain competitive. Dick Jesse bucked that trend with a blown Pontiac 421 in a steel GTO.

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Part 2 of Ingenuity in Action at Detroit Dragway

Part 2 of the film focuses on the 1959 NHRA Nationals at Detroit. Watch for Ohio George Montgomery, the Ramchargers C/A and future NASCAR great Bernie Partridge.

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Muskrat Experimental Mustang at Detroit Dragway

The Muskrat was campaigned by J.D. Collins of Taylor, Michigan. Fastback Mustang carried a Ford 427 wedge for under the hood.

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Seaton’s Shaker 1966 Chevelle Funny Car

The Seaton’s Shaker Chevelle nitro funny car could carry the left front tire three feet in the air, while the right tire was still trundling on the asphalt.

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