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The Banshee Firebird at the 1968 Autorama

Could this be the first Firebird funny car? With a roll bar extending through the roof, the Banshee Firebird was a last minute entry for the 1968 Autorama in Detroit.

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Wayne Gapp and the Super Cat Ultra-Stock Cougar

When nearly all his contemporaries were embracing nitro and superchargers, Wayne Gapp bucked the system with a new, gasoline Cougar funny car he called The Super Cat.

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Dick Jesse’s Extreme Slant-Roof GTO Funny Car

Mr. Unswitchable was a Pontiac GTO funny car with the roof slammed so low that driver Dick Jesse had to drive with his head punched through the top. Car Craft magazine quickly dubbed the car the Slant Roof GTO in 1967.

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Dave Zackary’s Cadillac Eldorado Funny Car

Dave Zackary’s experiment with a steel body, flip-top Cadillac funny car was great match-race draw, but ended in tragedy.

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Paul Stefansky’s Boss Hoss Mustang Funny Car

The Boss Hoss was Paul Stefansky’s entry for the 1968 drag racing season. The rare notchback Mustang funny car relied on an injected
Ford SOHC for power.

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Another Mustang Funny Car Mystery

Who built the notch-back Mustang funny car that appeared briefly at North Brother’s Ford in 1967? What happened to it? Help solve a 44 year mystery.

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Larry Arnold and the Penetration Dodge Funny Car

Before Larry Arnold established himself as a top funny car driver, he chased the UDRA circuit with his radical Penetration Dodge Charger.

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Dick Mack’s Satisfaction Chevelle versus Bob DuBrock’s Mustang

Dick Mack's Chevelle defeats Bob DuBrock's Mustang

Dick Mack ran a full bodied Chevelle funny car with a shortened wheelbase approaching that of a fuel altered. The Satisfaction, running out of Ohio, garnered runner-up honors in the fuel category.

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Limelight Dodge: the Jack-Knife Funny Car

The front clip tilted forward, gasser style. The rest of the Limelight’s body however, was hinged at the rear and could be titlted up like a typical funny car.

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The Saga of the Competition + Mustang Funny Car

The story of Competition + and how a collection of drivers, car owners and fuel funny cars lead to a sad event at the 1967 Nationals at Indianapolis

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