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Dick Jesse’s Mr. Unswitchable Pontiac GTO Funny Car

By 1967, most Pontiac funny cars had moved to Chevy or Chrysler engines to remain competitive. Dick Jesse bucked that trend with a blown Pontiac 421 in a steel GTO.

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The mystery of the Competition + Mustang funny car

Known as Competition +, this was likely the first flip-top Mustang funny car in existence. Who drove it and why is it so difficult to learn more about the car

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Al Bergler’s More Aggravation dragster

Like all of Bergler’s machinery, everything on More Aggravation was first class. And like the earlier version, it was also very fast.

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Detroit Autorama: Oasis in the Snow

Then someone would open a door to the auditorium and we would catch a glimpse of summer. The weather outside did not matter, inside Autorama it was high performance heaven.

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Re-Entry Rear Engine Streamlined Dragster

The Re-Entry’s supercharged engine was housed behind the driver in a tightly fitting cowl that also enclosed the driver and the rear tires.

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Somethin Wild B/G dragster

Somethin Wild is a square back front engine rail, featuring an injected small-block Chevy for power. The car competed in the B/G ranks in the mid 1960s.

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Blown Chevy front-engine Dragster

There was a lot of competition in the NHRA gas dragster classes in 1966, so with out some indicator there is no way to know what was in this car’s fuel tank.

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Willys Gasser: The Caboose

I’ve always liked the old Willys Gassers, and the Caboose is typical of the breed. 1940s era Willys coupe, supercharged Chrysler Hemi, flip-open front clip, small front tires on a straight axle.

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A/A Cadilliac V-8 Buick V-6

Today a V6 powered race car wouldn’t be exceptional, but there weren’t very many American V6s to choose from in 1966. I assume the engine is a Buick 3800 V6.

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Chevoom funny car: Maynard Rupp’s 1966 Chevelle

This is Chevoom, the rear engined funny car created by Top Fuel star Maynard Rupp. The car might look like an ordinary ’66 Chevelle, but you will find a nitro burning blown Chrysler in the back seat.

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