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Dick Mack’s Satisfaction Chevelle versus Bob DuBrock’s Mustang

Dick Mack's Chevelle defeats Bob DuBrock's Mustang

Dick Mack's ultra-short wheelbase Mash Basher takes on Bob DuBrock at Detroit Dragway

Yet another less than stellar photo from Detroit Dragway’s Midwest Championships. Hey what can I say, I was only a kid with an Instamatic back in 1967.

I wanted to include this photo, because it is the only one I have of fuel runner-up Dick Mack and his Satisfaction Chevelle. Take a minute to look at the wheelbase on the Chevelle (far lane.) It appears that Mack pushed the rear wheels forward nearly as much as Larry Swiatek’s Gray Ghost GTO. Unlike Swiatek, who also shifted the front wheels forward, Mack left the front axle in the stock location. Do the math. A 1965 Chevelle coupe had a wheelbase of 115 inches. It appears Mack reduced that number by at least 20 inches.

The result is a full bodied, A/FX funny car with a wheelbase approaching that of a fuel altered. Despite the truncated wheelbase, Mack managed to get down the track without incident, eventually claiming the runner-up slot to Steve McKesson’s Mustang flopper.

I don’t know much about Mack, but Draglist indicates he hailed from Ohio. Draglist features a photo of Mack cribbed from the November 1966 issue of Super Stock and Drag Illustrated. The car in SSDI photo is a stock wheelbase ’65 Chevelle. I’m not sure if it this is the same car, but it was also called Satisfaction. I’m guessing that sometime after the tame wheelbase car was photographed in 1966, Mack hauled the car into the garage and performed major surgery on the chassis and rear fenders.

Moving the front wheels forward would have helped weight transfer and probably would have made the car more stable at high-speed. For whatever reason, Mack left the front wheels alone, creating an extreme altered wheelbase match-racer. Draglist also indicates Mack campaigned a 1966 Chevelle in the ’67 season. If so, he must have swapped this match-batch racer for a newer model shortly after this event

Mack’s first round victim was none other than Bob DuBrock, whose Mustang fastback was featured in an earlier Vintage-Nitro post.

Once again, I can’t say if DuBrock repainted the car he ran in 1966, or if this Mustang is a brand new entry. One thing is certain, Dubrock was running gasoline in 1966, but he was competing in the nitro category in ’67.

I think the man standing next to Mack’s car is Detroit Dragway’s long time starter, known as Heavy Duty. I’m not sure what his real name was. He proudly wore the title “Heavy Duty” stitched on the pocket of his track uniform. I’m not sure when Heavy began at Detroit Dragway, but I believe he was still active as a starter at both Detroit and Motorcity Dragway a decade after this photo was taken.


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  1. Donald Dubrock
    Posted August 5, 2012 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    I’m commenting on Bob Dubrock’s aggravation mustang, Bob had extended the front end by 10 inches and repainted it silver. His son, Donald Dubrock.

  2. Thomas Schwald
    Posted November 23, 2012 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    I was lucky enough to know and spend time with Bob DuBrock in 1966 & 1967.At his shop in Berwyn and went to the strip with him quite a few times.Just out of the Marines,me and some friends had bob build us a motor for a B/Gasser.Short of money we had a 428 with 427 heads built with dual quads.488 detroit locker rear end.It ran low 11s .Bob actually let use use an injected motor of his at one time.We ran high 10s.Best memory was going to Rockford dragway.Bob had a match race withShirley Shahan(Drag-on-lady)He beat her 2 out of 3.The promoters asked him to let her win the last race.He said “no way”.Bob ran on a tight budget.We all said if he was factory backed he would have been unstoppable.Bob had an anvil on the front of his hauler that he used to straighten push rods that got bent between runs.I saw him on more then one week-end run on carburators one night,drive home and install the injected motor then go out & run the injected motor the very next day.Bob also had a 66 or 67 fairlane with the first 427 tunnel port engines I ever saw.Great memories he provided for me

    Posted June 2, 2017 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    Satisfaction ran out of LORAIN OHIO around 1966.

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