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Blown Chevy front-engine Dragster

Period rail with a supercharged small block Chevy at the 66 Autorama

Period rail with a supercharged small block Chevy at the '66 Autorama

Still at the 1966 Autorama, here is a nice little full-bodied rail powered by a blown small-block Chevy.

There is a name painted on the side of the car just in front of the engine, but I can’t make it out. There is no class indication, so I don’t know if this car ran nitro or gasoline. There was a lot of competition in the NHRA gas dragster classes in 1966, so with out some class indicator there is no way to know what was in this car’s fuel tank.

Note the header tubes are aimed backwards, possibly with intent to heat up the rear tires. The modern concept of using upswept “zoomie” headers to provide down force and traction was unknown by most racers in 1966.

Although simple looking, this is actually a fairly advanced design for the era. Many dragsters were still using a “square back” chassis, but latest models were using more complicated construction that curved the rear chassis tubes into an arc behind the driver. This car looks like it uses the curved back design.

I like the open “shark’s mouth” at the front of the body. The wheelbase seems  a little short, but that wasn’t all that uncommon back in the day.

Speaking of back in the day, check out the clothing worn by the spectators. I assume that must have been high-fashion in ’66.


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